Sibylle Blumenthal

Ever since I got my first (analog) camera at a young age I have been interested in photography, even more so when I started travelling to various places around the world. Then I discovered the underwater world and what started as an interest turned into a passion for underwater photography and I try to spend as much time as possible under water. Underwater life is absolutely incredible and most people will never get a chance to see and experience it themselves. Through my photography I like to show the amazing creatures that live in the world’s oceans and share this wonderful world with everyone.
Recently I started using video to capture the behavior of underwater creatures as that adds a whole new dimension. Video as well as photography remain a work-in-progress, there's always new things to learn about the behavior of species, photography skills and dive skills.
During my time on land I have an indoor day job, which usually involves working in a lab somewhere, currently in Germany. Before that I lived in the UAE for 10 years with some longer breaks in Bali to become a scuba diving instructor and Mozambique to teach underwater photography courses. While growing up in Germany and the United States I have always traveled and enjoyed learning about other countries and cultures. I hope to convey this enthusiasm in my photos to inspire others to travel and dive!

Sibylle's photos

Here is a small selection of my photos, click below to see my complete portfolio with more of my underwater photos and also travel photos. I hope they will give you a good impression of some of the amazing life out there.
Resting turtle in black and white
Small white crab on purple sea pen
Small green fish on green soft coral
Durban dancing shrimp close up
Orange and white nudibranch
Banner fish on blue background
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